06 August, 2019 12:00 AM

Working Green


LEC's Working Green program is a research and action approach to climate change.

Working Green provides opportunities for workers to learn how to take action on climate change. 


Climate Change Workshops for Union Activists

Presented by the Labour Education Centre’s Working Green Program

These workshops will help you understand the need for urgent action on climate change using the most recent data. You will learn what policies and programs work to clean the air and secure the planet for the next generations. 

LEC offers both introductory and in-depth workshops on climate change. These workshops can be customized to any union’s needs and specifications.

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Leveraging Workers Knowledge

Decades of inadequate action have led scientists and the United Nations to warn us we have little time left to avoid catastrophic climate change. In Ontario, 28% of Greenhouse Gas (GHGs) emissions are created by industry. Workers have a unique role to play in mitigating catastrophic climate change. The Labour Education Centre is demonstrating the value of a joint labour-management workplace committee to reduce workplace-based greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). This process leverages workers’ intimate knowledge of their workplaces and work processes, linking that expertise with the broader knowledge and decision-making authority of management.

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Just Transition

When society asks workers and communities to close down their local industry for the good of us all, society has a responsibility to provide alternative livelihoods for those workers and communities. Such a concept is know as Just Transition, which has been adopted by the Labour movement globally and is contained in the pre-amble to the Paris Convention on climate change. The Labour Education Centre has researched four places where coal plants have been closed or are in process of being closed. In each case study we examine what plans were put in place to help transition workers into new jobs and careers.

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We can assist you to advocate for significant reductions in Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHGs) and for good, green jobs.

For more information on Working Green, please contact:

Steve Shallhorn, Executive Director, LEC  (sshallhorn@laboureducation.org) 

Karen Lior, Director, Working Green Program, LEC  (klior@laboureducation.org)