Are you voting for the first time?

The Federal Election is on Monday October 21, 2019. 

Drop by the Labour Education Centre and learn the easy steps on how to vote. We have a Vote PopUp booth where you can see what a ballot looks like, learn how to mark a ballot and put it in the ballot box. 

The VotePopUp is part of the Canadian Vote Coalition, a non-partisan national movement of 1000+ organizations and local leaders who are committed to making sure every voice is heard. VotePopUps help build a more inclusive democracy.

Read the Elections Handbook from the Democratic Engagement Exchange  ( find reliable information on Canada's political parties. Learn how to engage on issues that are important to you and what to do when it comes to "fake news".

Every vote counts... Your vote is your voice.

Please not that this is not an actual polling station. For more information on the Federal Election and where to find your polling station, go to Elections Canada

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