Unique Green Building Operators Program Begins Recruiting

Open the door for your career in building management with this unique program with exciting career opportunities. Training begins June 19, 2023. Please contact Hameed Attaiy at 437-326-0148 or [email protected] for more details.

As Canada struggles to reduce GHG emissions in its built environment, it needs trained, motivated building operators to ensure that new zero carbon and energy-retrofitted industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential buildings are operated to specification. It’s one thing to design zero-carbon buildings, another to construct them and yet another to operate them. If they are not operated to specification, GHG reduction targets will not be met.

The Labour Education Centre will be delivering its second cohort of the Green Building Operators program on June 19, 2023. The only course of its kind in Canada, the program is funded by the Home Depot Charitable Foundation.

A 2022 pilot was funded by the Future Skills Centre, through the Canada Green Building Council.

Program Highlights

  • 8-Week Program
  • Earn Safety Certifications
  • In-Person & Virtual Learning
  • Guest Industry Lectures
  • Site Visits
  • Job Placement Assistance (résumé writing and interview support)

LEC's entry-level Green Building Operators (GBO) program provides the essential training for people to begin working in green building operations, to ensure that building performance targets are met. The program is 8 weeks in length, the curriculum covers conservation principles, energy-saving water, lighting and electrical practices, new technologies such as Building Automation Systems and Controls, Green building infrastructure such as EV charging sites and bicycle rooms, and Green waste management systems. Training also includes soft skills, digital training, and math needed to add fractions, calculate volumes, and add angles. Training on resume writing and job interviews is also provided. Certification for working at heights and handling of tools is also provided, as are site visits to relevant buildings.

LEC's entry-level GBO program will focus primarily on multi-unit residential and school buildings as much of the retrofitting uses similar technology. Commercial building operators and school boards are finding it difficult to find people to fill vacant jobs.  LEC will support graduates to seek a job that fits their needs and provides stability and opportunity for growth.

Participants are expected to include people who are at the beginning of their career path or are looking for a different line of work. Based on our experience with unemployed or underemployed workers and published research, we expect many of the participants to be youth at risk of being homeless, women, Indigenous people, people of colour, newcomers, and low-wage earners.

If you or anyone you know would like more information about the Green Building Operators course, please contact Hameed Attaiy at 437-326-0148 or [email protected] today to get started.

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