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Due to the COVID19 pandemic the Labour Education Centre office has now been closed for almost three months. Although the regular classes at LEC are temporarily on hold, we will help you to continue learning through email, phone and regular mail.

When it is safe to do so the classes at LEC will start again, but things will not be exactly the same as before. At least, not right away. According to health and safety rules, there may be a limit of the number of people in the classroom at one time and the schedule of classes may change. We are busy preparing for future classes. We will contact you about new online classes and when classes at LEC will start again. We hope you are all doing well and keeping in good health. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Ryan Pike and Audrey Gardner, Instructors, and
Daniel Stambolic, Program Coordinator



Welcome to LEC’s first Basic Skills newsletter, one of the ways we are keeping in touch with you during these COVID19 days. We are currently developing safety protocols, and purchasing PPEs (personal protective equipment) participants and staff, so everyone will be safe. Pretty much everyone I talk to is experiencing some emotional response to the social isolation and distancing that we are all working through.

We hope that in a small way this newsletter will provide useful information to help weather the pandemic, and also provide activities that can divert your attention for a little while. Ryan and Audrey are available to support your ongoing learning. Annefrances Morris is no longer at LEC and we wish her all the best. Please let us know if you like this newsletter and if you have any ideas for future issues.

- Steve Shallhorn


1. Set up a comfortable workspace where you can focus on learning.
2. Try to dedicate a time to learn on a regular basis.
3. Be kind to yourself. Learning right now may be harder than usual. Many of us have fear and anxiety about what is going on in the world,
remember that we are all in this together. The best thing you can do is be kind to yourself.
4. Ask for help. If you have difficulty with your home study, please reach out to us. It’s what we’re here for!


Because we are not able to meet in-person in a classroom, learning right now has become ‘at a distance’. Below are examples of how some LEC students are continuing to learn during this time of social distancing. One student arranged weekly phone-calls to talk about the books that LEC has provided from the classroom. Also, this student received some balcony plants and can write about how they grow.

One student wrote about the COVID19 pandemic and practiced spelling, sentence structure, writing skills. (see page 3) One student is practicing typing and editing techniques using Microsoft Word on their home computer, sending us weekly updates and questions along the way. Another student has been going through the process of buying and setting up a new laptop, checking in with us for weekly support over the phone. In our partnership with Brighton Launch eight students are learning editing skills to be able to review and revise their resumes.


Looking at the photo to the right, please write a few lines of poetry. Be creative and have fun!

Your poem may describe the photo, or it may describe the feeling you have when you look at the photo. 

A number of poems will be printed in the next newsletter.  Please keep your poem to 12 lines or less.

Send your poem to Audrey Gardner by phone, email OR by regular mail.

416-537-6532 ext. 2231
[email protected]



Spread Love, Heal Soon

By: James Ejercito (TNO - Caregivers In Transition Program and LEC’s Building English Language Skills class, Winter 2020.)
April 19, 2020

The world is wounded momentarily, not by war but by the spreading disease we see in the news. Everyday day we witness the increasing numbers of cases that are reported internationally. As we consider it a global pandemic in, and out of our country, Canada no one is exempted from developing the disease, the COVID-19.

People are worried because anytime you can be infected by other people you know or you may not know. The reasons are because of lack of information and discipline. To blame people across every nation is already an issue. We cannot solve this problem if we blame others but ourselves. I was born in the Philippines and I am worried about my family that I left behind. I need to keep myself updated because reports of COVID-19 cases are increasing.

Every nation in the world is doing its part to combat this pandemic and little by little some countries are recovering, but there are others that are still experiencing the crisis. I hope this will not worsen in the long run. This is the time to work together to claim the victory that we deserve, which is to spread love and unity.

Each one of us should take precautions for slowly lowering the number of cases. Yes, it is possible as long as we are responsible with our own actions and take the initiative to keep health. Staying at home can help slow down the transmission. Let us all have faith to surpass the pandemic so we can have a world that is safe and secure. Let us heal the world because it is deeply wounded.

It isn’t so much about learning in school. It’s about being comfortable enough to want to learn

- Troy Hiltz (LEC’s Independent Learning class)


This free online class is an opportunity for people who have experience using tablets and want to learn how to help others use tablets.

Offered in partnership with Better Living Health and Community Services, seniors who complete this class can  volunteer as a tutor in local seniors programs.

Tablets and wifi access are available to participants for the duration of the class and will continue to be available for those participants who become volunteer tutors in the Better Living and Labour Education Centre one-year partnership.

Want to Register or Learn More?

Contact Ryan Pike:

[email protected]

416-537-6532 ext. 2222

You will learn:

  • tutoring strategies
  • digital skills and knowledge
  • how to create learning activities
  • digital trouble-shooting strategies


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