04 March, 2019 12:00 PM

Basic Skills Classes

Using a social justice and workers' rights approach, our basic skills classes help adults improve reading, writing, spelling, basic math and digital technology skills.

We offer classes at our location and can develop and customize specific classes for unions, workplaces and community organizations

  • Must be 19 years or older
  • Available to residents of Ontario
  • Classes are free
  • Level 5 ESL listening/speaking (or equivalent)
  • Offered during the day and evenings
  • All classes are non-credit
  • Some classes run year-round and you and can start anytime, and some classes run for 8 or 12 weeks

Click on one of the classes below to learn more and sign up:


Alt. Text: Stories Connect Us - Home Phone Class, For Adults With No Internet Access


Alt. Text: Intro to Computers - Online Learning, Learn How to Take an Online Class


Alt. Text: Computer Basics - Confidently Use a Computer, Learn Basic Computer Skills

To register for Basic Skills Classes, contact:

Audrey Gardner, Instructor: [email protected]  |  (416) 537-6532 x. 2231

Ryan PikeInstructor: [email protected]  |  (416) 537-6532 x. 2222