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Ontario Manufacturing Learning Centre – Programs for Youth 18-29

CNC TrainingThe Ontario Manufacturing Learning Centre (OMLC) is offering a number of programs aimed at youth ages 18-29.

They include:

  • CNC Selection & Learning Program
  • CNC Machinist Learning Program
  • Structural Airframe Assembler Learning Program

In the CNC Selection & Learning program, youth are hired by manufacturing companies and are placed in 10-12 weeks of paid on-the-job training to become certified as a CNC Operator!

What’s required?

  1. Do you like making things?
  2. Are you good with details?
  3. Do you like working with your hands?
  4. Do you like using your brain and thinking?
  5. Are you ok with basic math – addition, subtraction, etc. ?
  6. Do you enjoy working relatively independently?
  7. Do you like having responsibility and being accountable for your work?
  8. Do you like physical activity at work?
  9. Do you prefer being busy all the time rather than having periods of inactivity?
  10. Do you prefer being on your feet, doing stuff, rather than sitting at a desk.

If you can answer YES to most of these questions, then being a CNC Operator could be a good job for you, and the start of a rewarding career in advanced manufacturing.

To learn more, visit the OMLC website by clicking here!

Also, LEC Employment Services may be able to provide additional supports.   Contact us at jobs@laboureducation.org to learn more!



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