Web Developer



Web site development from the ground up, able to deal with changes as we build out

• Vital skills include;

o Front-end: HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript (jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular JS)
o Back-end: Node.js, ASP Classic or .NET, PHP, etc. (or similar server side technology)
o Ability to develop;

         ▪ Client facing file submission portal
         ▪ Integration of Online Payment API’s
         ▪ Server integration (Most likely AWS Database)
         ▪ Database management: MySQL (or similar SQL experience)

o Modern web security and input sanitization methods (To create a website which will receive a valid SSL Certificate)
o Knowledge of SEO

• Our ideal candidate will;
o Be able to provide examples of previous projects and explain their role on the project
o Take ownership of assigned tasks and deliver requirements within tight deadlines
o Are excited to research solutions when faced with technical challenges
o An attitude to ask for clarification in the event of an unclear request, especially when
following instructions with less code-savvy clients
o Have familiarity with all languages and libraries necessary to create a modern looking
website which features optimal performance
o Be creative to adapt technology to meet requirements
o Have excellent use of the English language
o Have good communication skills and can express your ideas both verbally and written
and expressed in both technical and non-technical terms (for end users / clients to
o Be a team player and have a strong work ethic
o Able to get along with others easily and are comfortable in an unstructured, relaxed work

• Additional skills which would be considered an asset;
o Experience with WordPress, WooCommerce Plugin and Node.js
o Basic Image editing and graphics skills (Photoshop, etc)
o Familiarity with Windows, OSX, and Linux platforms


To apply, please email a resume and/or cover letter to Janice Perry: [email protected]