Now Hiring: Product Testing & Warranty Specialist

Position:  Product Testing & Warranty Specialist

Employer:  BSC GLOBAL 

About the Employer, BSC Global:

Our company is comprised of an amazing team of individuals of diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We are lean in nature and most team members have multi-functioning positions within the company. We are approaching a decade of existence and have experienced tremendous growth and learnings throughout the years and as a result of the different ideas brought forward by past and current team members.
We praise new ideas, new methods of doing things and learning what works and what doesn’t. We promote thinking outside the box to solve problems and often look at how we can simplify or automate any process we do, freeing up valuable time of any team members and making tasks easier to complete! We strive for an ever-evolving company culture and team where we learn, grow and have fun with everyone we work with! We are looking for the best fit candidate to join our journey and grow with us. If you feel the role description and culture are a perfect fit for you, we look forward to hearing from you and diving even deeper on the role, company and yourself!


  • JOB TITLE:  Product Testing & Warranty Specialist
  • DEPARTMENT:  RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Team
  • JOB TYPE:  Full Time, Permanent
  • SALARY:  $16 
  • EXPERIENCE: Minimum 1 year experience in Product Testing OR Graduated with a diploma in Computer Hardware Systems or Electronics
  • EDUCATION:  Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • LOCATION:  Markham (preferred)
  • LANGUAGE:  English (required)


The Product Testing Specialist will work with the RMA team to provide support to the Warehouse & Logistics team and Customer Service team to manage and carry out processes regarding returns and warranty management. This role will responsible for monitoring, coordinating, and sustaining systematic process to streamline and maximize the overall quality and efficiency of product returns. The role is dynamic and will evolve over time according to the needs of the business.

- Managing and responding to processing incoming product returns from clients
- Testing returns to determine if there are any product issues
- Taking appropriate actions to repair, replace or claim products
- Ensuring 100% of the product returns are processed, repaired and sent to clients within 14 days
- Maintaining a well-organized, accessible and clean workspace
- Contacting manufacturers and suppliers to process product warranties
- Developing strong understanding of products and continuing to keep knowledge updated
- Working with partners to process returns, refunds and repairs when necessary
- Meeting deadlines on a regular basis as many tasks are very time sensitive
- Packaging and processing inbound/outbound shipments
- Working with cross-functional teams to ensure the timely completion of commitments and activities while achieving high levels of quality performance
- Maintaining/Creating product testing guides for new products to be tested & being as efficient in how testing is conducted
- Finding ways to get the products repaired/claimed/ replaced/warrantied within shortest amount of time and documenting the fastest ways to get a product fixed/warrantied for future reference and implementing
appropriate actions
- Implementing processes to ensure 100% accuracy in tracking product through the RMA process, and keeping the process up to date by assessing its efficacy continuously
Customer Services:
- Processing, categorizing and answering customer emails and telephone calls, and providing high quality service
- Communicate status updates and schedules to customers and team whenever necessary
- Answer customer related product inquiries to uphold
- Responding to customer inquiries within 2-hours and answering customer related product inquiries by being resourceful and documenting common issues/concerns for future questions.
- Inputting, and analyzing data to identify trends in repair and replacement requests to offer insight on products/ manufacturers to management
- Upholding 100% accuracy in product tracking
- Documenting key processes and simplifying current processes to become more efficient and effective
- Monitor and track information on product warranties, vendor policies, common issues/ concerns and time frames for each product or supplier within spreadsheets

We are a small but growing operation with lots of opportunity for growth and development.


Passion for Excellence: Regardless of the task at hand, the individual must be focused on producing a high-level output. Prioritizing attention to detail and accuracy in everything.

High Level of Organization: Must be an integral part of who you are as this is CRUCIAL for this role and for your success at our company. Involves effective time management, multi-tasking and task planning at all stages of work.

Detail oriented: Since your job requires dealing with data, you will be involved in work that requires high attention to detail. Taking notes, listening, asking questions and double checking the work you do is extremely important. Without a keen eye for detail, it is difficult to analyze and manage the amount of data you will be dealing with on a daily basis.

Analytical Thinking: Going hand-in-hand with being detail oriented, you must have analytical acumen. This means you employ a structured approach to manage your responsibilities and could prioritize and make decisions as required, accounting for all the what-ifs. It is imperative that you implement this in all aspects of your work to monitor and manage financial data.

High Computer proficiency: Very comfortable on the computer using outlook, excel, SharePoint and other Microsoft products and learning new tools on the computer to increase efficiency.

Learning & Growth Mindset: Whether it be new applications required, processes or ways we do things. The learning will be ongoing and continuous with the objective of improving what/how we do and simplifying and reducing complexity! Candidate should have an initiative to learn, grow, and improve continuously.

High Level of Accuracy: When it comes to finances, there is no limit to the amount of times you check and recheck your work.

Leadership & Execution: Must accept responsibility and be accountable to the tasks assigned and provides end-to-end deliverables.

Resourceful: Employing different approaches where existing don’t work to achieve the end goal. Must be able to have the ability to think outside of the box when necessary and be decisive in problem solving. Always finding creative solutions to problems/challenges.

Outcome focused: This is not restricted to setting a goal or identifying a goal, it means planning and subsequently putting into motion that plan ensuring that the goal is effectively and efficiently achieved. It requires candidates who have exemplary focus and timely solutions.

Communication skills: Receptive to feedback and keen interest in improving. Includes listening, understanding & effective communication.

Team Player: Loves to work with others, and fosters a supportive, reliable and positive environment that welcomes people.

Positive Attitude & Proactive approach: Self-driven with a “Can-Do” attitude. Always finding creative solutions to problems/challenges.

Confidentiality & Objectivity: You will be dealing with confidential data, not just the company’s but our partners’ and staffs’, maintaining objectivity is just as essential as maintaining confidentiality.


  • Knowledge of Common warehouse procedures
  • Ability to operate forklift, hand truck, pallet jack and other warehouse equipment
  • Adequate knowledge of warehouse data systems
  • Highly comfortable/proficient on the computer & communication tools
  • Ability to lift or move heavy products up to 20 kg
  • Experience with inventory management
  • Very comfortable and fluent in utilizing computers for inventory management, Email and other communication.
  • HIGH level of Attention to detail
  • HIGH level of Organization
  • Dependable Hardworking & Trustworthy
  • Able to work with little or no supervision

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