04 March, 2019 12:00 PM

Community Adult Learning (CAL)

New Fall schedule classes begin September 9th, 2019     

To book assessment for September, please call 416-527-6532 or email info@laboureducation.org


Using a social justice and workers' rights approach the Community Adult Learning program helps adults improve their reading, writing, spelling, basic math and digital technology skills.

This program is offered to residents of Ontario, 19 years of age or older and have level 5 ESL listening/speaking (or equivalent)

  • Classes are free
  • Offered during the day and evenings
  • Classes are 2-hours long and are small groups
  • All classes are non-credit
  • Some classes run year-round and you and can start anytime, and some classes run for 8 or 12 weeks

If you are interested in joining a class:
Please call 416-537-6532 ex 2204 to book an appointment for assessment and registration

Computer & Tablet Training 

Computer Basics: Learn basic keyboard and mouse skills. Learn to search online, use email, online safety and security, Microsoft Word and more.

Tablet Basics: A 10-week class on how to use the basic functions of digital tablets such as on-screen keyboard, how to use social media and communication Apps, and how to take, edit and share photos. Next class starts in summer 2019

English Communication Skills

Basic English Communication Skills: Learn how to improve your English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills

Writing on Computers: Learn how to improve your English writing and digital technology skills for your personal, employment and academic goals

Basic Math Skills

Practical math skills: Improve your basic math skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, problem solving, decimals, basic algebra and geometry, construction math and money calculation

Learning Hub math courses: You can use CAL computers to access The Learning Hub online math courses

More Classes

Learning Well:. A 12-week class on creative and healthful approaches to learn and practice building confidence, improve memory and focus, manage stress and increase sense of wellbeing.

We can develop and customize specific classes for unions, workplaces and community organizations