Let's Talk Climate Change

Talking About Climate Change 

A complimentary presentation on climate urgency 

  • Understand why the warming climate is our most critical challenge
  • Know the major sources of GHGs
  • Facilitate conversation on climate action 

'Talking About Climate Change' is an introductory presentation (1-2 hours) that LEC can bring to your union or organization as part of your preliminary efforts to reduce GHGs.

Acting on Climate Change

An interactive workshop for union members 

  • Learn more about what unions are doing to reduce GHGs 
  • Impact of climate change in communities and around the world 
  • Tools and resources to take action on global warming 

Unions and union members can play significant role in cleaning the air and securing the planet. LEC offers this in-depth session as a half-day or full-day workshop that can be customized for any union.

These workshops will help you understand the need for urgent action on climate change using the most recent data. You will learn what policies and programs work to clean the air and secure the planet for the next generations. LEC offers both introductory and in-depth workshops on climate change. These workshops can be customized to any union’s needs and specifications.

For more information, or to request our complimentary presentation, please contact: [email protected]