Literacy & Basic Skills

Looking to improve your reading, writing, math and computer skills for college, training or employment?


The Labour Education Centre’s Literacy and Basic Skills classes run Monday to Thursday during daytime hours.

We also conduct classes in workplaces and in community centres upon request.

These classes help people to improve their English, math and computer skills for college/training or employment.

Our program is open to residents of Ontario over 19 years of age who can speak and understand English.

LBS programmes are free (funded by Employment Ontario).

In a supportive environment, the program builds on participants’ existing knowledge and reflects their diverse learning styles. Our instructors draw on extensive resources relevant to the learner’s occupation and training interests, life needs, current events and community issues.

If you’d like to join our class, please call us at (416) 537-6532 extension 2231 to arrange an assessment.