Employer Services

We are a not-for-profit government funded program with a range of services and funding opportunities to help you hire and maintain good staff

Experienced, Qualified Candidates

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LEC works with hundreds of qualified and enthusiastic job seekers every year.
We can link you to a pool of pre-screened candidates to match your hiring needs.

No Cost Recruitment services

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Our staff will work closely with you to support you through the hiring process
We will:

  • Post your job for free and send your posting to our considerable contact list
  • Pre-screen candidates before referring resumes to you
  • Hold Job Fairs and Recruitment Events to meet your hiring needs
  • Provide a venue for your hiring events
  • Provide on the job support for new placements
  • To post a job today contact jobs@laboureducation.org or call (416) 537-6532

Financial support to help train your new employees

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You may be eligible for hiring incentives to offset the cost of onboarding new staff who are placed through us. This may include a wage subsidy or a test and hire amount.

Access to the Canada Ontario Job Grant to Train Your Staff

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Learn about the Canada Ontario Job Grant (COJG) here

Youth Employment

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We have youth who are looking for summer, part-time and weekend positions

Services for Trades and Construction Employers

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Are you interested in hiring apprentices and or trades people?

Supporting your Community

Can you devote a little time?

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  • Provide mentorship opportunities
  • Guest speaking opportunities
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • E-mail us at jobs@laboureducation.org

Would you like us to contact you about events, employer workshops, conferences?

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