Global Issues

1. HOG: History of Globalization

A one-day popular education activity for 35-75 participants focused on key developments in the history of economic globalization, the development of global inequality and its impact on working people. This interactive fun activity explores some of the ideas that globalization has generated, such as racism, and the economic theories that have shaped its development.

2.  Shrink, Shift, Shaft (Follow the Money)

Gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the impact of globalization, the attack on public services and what unions and workers are doing to fight back. Learn from similar attacks against workers in the global south.

3. Precarious and Migrant Workers in a Global Economy

Discuss Canada and the causes of global migration, i.e. immigration policy and corporate globalization, and the impact on unions and communities. Examine various workers’ movements and fightback campaigns against global migration programs that undermine good jobs in the north and global south.

4. Women, Work and Power

Diverse groups of women make vital contributions to Canada’s society, workforce, trade unions and social movements. Explore equity issues faced by women in the workplace, feminization of poverty, precarious work, work-life balance. Share experiences and strategies for change.

5.  Jobs and Justice in the Global Economy

This course is designed for social justice educators, organizers and activists. It’s designed to help people in their work to “connect the dots” between jobs and justice; between issues and struggles taking place in the north and the global south; between the corporate agenda and government policies.

6.  It Builds Union:   Anti-Racism Change Programme

Through examining legislation, legal remedies and organizational initiatives, this programme takes a critical look at how we actually change the structures of programmes and organizations in order to dismantle institutional forms of racism.

7.  What’s Political Education Got To Do With It?

This course looks at the challenges involved in transforming short term issue-oriented campaigns into a long term movement for social change.