ResourcesTom Zizys of the Metcalf Foundation has released a report called  “Working Better – Creating a High Performance Labour Market for Ontario” – (May, 2011).    This report takes a critical look at Ontario’s job market and offers some possible solutions.   You can download this report from the Metcalf Foundation here.  (.pdf format)  Matt Galloway from CBC Radio’s “Metro Morning” interviewed Tom Zizys on May 10, 2011.   You can listen to the interview on the CBC website here.

In 2010, the Ontario Federation of Labour produced a series of helpful labour adjustment  training manuals and factsheets for workers and unions facing job loss.   You can download these materials from the OFL website here (.pdf format)

In this report from February, 2010 R ick Miner, former president of Seneca College looks at the coming challenges to the Ontario labour market as a result of the aging workforce and the gaps in job skill training.   You can download “People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People:  Ontario’s Labour Market Future” from the Ontario website here (.pdf format)





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